Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fiesta of Colors 26th October 2015

Fiesta of Colors

Our colorfully adorned Sharon Lam conducted an exuberant meeting with lots of fun and laughter living up to the theme of the evening..."Fiesta of Colors"
Indeed, it was a privilege to have our have own home grown DTM Irene Lee, as our general evaluator, to motivate our Crystals to continue to grow and glow with flying colors. 
Next, we have our exuberating Table Topics Master, Serene Ting, who as usual, captivated the audience with simple and yet interesting topics for the 5 Table Topic Speakers who delivered their beautiful speeches with much humor effortlessly. 
Speaker #1...Emily Bong     Speaker #2...Tan Saw Bee
"Adapt or Die"                 "Politics or Religion"
Speaker #3...Claire Chok                     Speaker #4....Gwen
"All Work and No Play"                   "Worry Less Live More"
Speaker #5...Ng Siew Tho
"Old Habits Die Hard"
Our Joey Cheng, in her first time attempt as a Table Topics Evaluator, did a fabulous job in her evaluation to all 5 Table Topic Speakers …. she was able to commend them well and also recommended some points of improvement to all speakers … kudos to Joey. Well Done!
Moving on to the Assignment Speeches Session, we had 4 colourful Assignment Speakers, Esther Koh, Deborah Leong, Matilda Ho & Sue Ellen attempting their CC Manual
Assignment Speaker #1...Esther Koh           Assignment Speaker #2...Deborah Leong
CC Project #2..."My Journey of Discovery"          CC Project #4..."You Can Change!"
Assignment Speaker #3...Matilda Ho
CC Project #8..."Water of Life"
Assignment Speaker #5...Sue Ellen
CC Project #9..."Everyone Can Cook"

Many thanks all our Assignment Speech Evaluators, Pam Lee, Benny Chia, Ogy Ong and Yip See See who gacve such comprehensive evaluation for our 4 Assignment Speakers.
Best Table Topic Speaker and Best Assignment Speaker
Congratulations to Saw Bee and Deborah!

Congratulations to Best Assignment Evaluator, Yip See See

Empowered To Excel ….

Jennifer Pan,  ACB/ALB
Crystal Toastmasters Club
Vice President Of Education: Term - 2015/2016

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