Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blossom on 11th April 2016


Our ever exuberant & invigorating. Yip See See challenged herself to conduct the entire meeting on stage without both  the lectern and notes. She has truly blossomed into a Shining Star of Crystals with her astounding performance as the Toastmaster of the Evening.
Indeed it was a privilege to have CP Law as our General Evaluator, to motivate our Crystals to continue to blossom and be as colorful as the flowers.
Next, we have our exuberating Table Topics Master, Serene Ting, who as usual, captivated the audience with simple & yet interesting topics in line with our theme for the evening...with 4 Table Topic Speakers who delivered their flowery speeches beautifully.
      Speaker #1...Maslina                                     Speaker #2...Lim Bing Yee
                 "How Are Flowers Useful to Us"                      "Flowers Always Make People Feel Better"
Speaker #3...Low Laychi
"Love Is Like a Flower - Needs A Lot of Attention"
Speaker #4...Lim Thian Seng
"Fresh Flowers vs Plastic Flowers"
Our Table Topics Evaluator, Masdiana, did a fabulous job in her evaluation of all 4 Table Topic Speakers …. Giving invaluable pointers for all Speakers to take home …
Moving on to the Assignment Speeches Session, we had 4 wonderful Assignment Speakers, Rebecca Sow, Cecelia Woon, Yi Ling, all attempting their CC Manual Project Speeches and also with Ogy Ong delivering her Advance Speech.

Assignment Speaker #1...Rebecca Sow        Assignment Speaker #2...Cecilia Woon
CC Project #1..."Life Changing Decision"     CC Project #2..."The Power of Self Talk"
Assignment Speaker #2...Yi Ling
CC Project #2..."Qigong Exercise"
Assignment Speaker #4...Ogy Ong
ACS Project #1..."Things To Do After a Car Accident"
Many thanks all our Assignment Speech Evaluators, Saw Bee, Maslina, Joanne and Lim Thian Seng who gave such comprehensive and concise evaluation for our 4 Speakers. 
Best Table Topic Speaker & Best Assignment Speaker
Congratulations to Maslina & Cecilia!
Congratulations to Best Assignment Evaluator, Tan Saw Bee!
Congratulations to the winners, Rebecca (Best Creative Natural Flowers) & KL Cheah (Best Creative Artificial Flowers)
A Flowery Night to Remember...Say It With Flowers!

Empowered To Excel ….

Jennifer Pan,  ACB/ALB
Crystal Toastmasters Club
Vice President Of Education: Term - 2015/2016

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